the ROGERS THEATER - Performing Arts Center and Grand Ballroom
The Rogers Theater is located at
213 e. Marion st.
in beautiful Historic Uptown Shelby,
North Carolina.
  1. Donation / Contribution;
The easiest way to contribute is to visit our non-profit's website at:
Another easy way to help in the restoration of the amazing Rogers Theater is to donate by traditional mail at:
The Rogers Theater           We are also offering the opportunity to purchase 'Naming Rights' to the         
213 East Marion                Performing Arts Center located within The Rogers Theater.  Your family
Shelby, NC, 28150           or business name can be display on the upright 'Mast sign' seen in the picture
704-964-4791                  above.  See the bottom of this page for more details.
All donations are tax-deductible and rewarded with exciting and valuable incentives.
A pledge of $50.00 or more will be acknowledged with a written "Thank You" at the Grand Opening Rededication Ceremony.
With this tax deductible gift, your name will be mentioned as a "Rogers Theater Supporter" in the program book at the rededication ceremony. 4 window decals. 2 "I saved The Rogers" T-shirts. 4 free tickets to any select performance(s) at The Rogers Theater during the first year. and four day advance ticket purchase opportunity during the first year.
With this tax deductible gift, your name will be mentioned as a "Rogers Theater CORNERSTONE supporter" in the program book at the rededication ceremony and all program books for the first year of operation. 4 window decals. 4 "I saved The Rogers" T-Shirts. 8 free tickets to any select performance(s), and four day advance ticket purchase opportunity for the first 2 years.
With this tax deductible gift, you'll receive all of the rewards of the above $500.00 contribution plus; Verbal acknowledgement with 'stand up - take a bow' at the rededication ceremony, Your name engraved in a brass plaque as a "Main Supporter" and displayed in the lobby of the theater.
Contributions can be rewarded with use of the facility for Fundraising, Banquets, concerts for profit or charity, etc. You can reserve the 300 seat Performing Arts Center for yourself or gift it to someone, or to a charity as a tax deduction. You can also make contributions to The Rogers Theater through the non-profit of "Status Ante Quo" as a tax deduction. Email to for details. If you have any other ideas as to want you might like from The Rogers Theater in exchange for a contribution, we are open to discussion. If you are a business and would like to market your product or services, please contact us.
With this tax deductible gift you'll receive all the rewards of a "Main Supporter" listed above. Plus you'll receive; A STAR in our mosaic Walk of Fame, 8 annual complimentary tickets each year for the first 4 years (32 total), Your name on the brass plaque as a "Capital Supporter" and displayed in the theater lobby.           A gift of $1,250.00 will receive a STAR only with no other rewards.
With this tax deductible gift you'll receive all the rewards of the above "Capital Supporter". Plus you'll receive: Your STAR in the Walk of Fame, 12 annual complimentary tickets to any event for the first 4 years (48 total), And VIP seating, front-of-the-line seating and 25% discount whenever attending the Balcony Restaurant. You will be acknowledged as a "Keystone Supporter" in all printed material, verbally and 'stand up - take a bow' at the rededication ceremony, and on the brass plaque in the theater lobby.
We are offering "units" of investment.  Each Unit is being offered for $1,000.00
The Units will receive interest of 5% for years 1 and 2.
Then the Units will receive a minimum of 5% per year plus additional interest based on profit, not to exceed 18%, for years 3, 4 and 5.
At the end of year 5 the original investment will be returned, and the investment ends.  Longer or shorter terms of investment can be negotiated prior to investing.
Longer and  shorter periods of investment, or permanent partnerships are negotiable.
There are 400 units available in The Performing Arts Center
and           400 units available in The Balcony Restaurant.
We currently have Business Plans and Pro Formas for the Balcony Restaurant and for the Performing Arts Center.  Your investment is secured by the equity in The Rogers Theater Building.  This is limited time offering, and there will be no Units available after the grand opening. 
If you would like to join the other investors and become a financial partner in The Rogers Theater, you can print the form below, complete the iformation, and send it with your check to the address listed.  You can also email us at: and request that we send you the form.
THE  ROGERS  THEATER,  Shelby,  North Carolina
Investment units request form
The restoration of The Rogers Theater in Shelby, North Carolina is an exciting project.  The Rogers Theater is a stunning example of art deco architecture and a vivid reminder of a time gone by.  The Design Team and the Project Management are professionals in the fine art of historic restoration, and the restoration process has begun and will be completed on schedule in 2012.
If you would like to be a financial partner in the rebirth of The Rogers Theater and receive a minimum of 5% interest on your investment, please complete this form and return it with your check.
name       ________________________.    number of units requested ______ ($1,000.00 ea)
street       ________________________.    name on Investment Certificate
city, state________________________.     ____________________________________
zip code                                _________.     phone_______________________________
email address _____________________
Would you like to have your name mentioned as an Investor at The Rogers Theater’s rededication ceremony?   Yes___   No thank you___.
Once we receive your check, we will return an official certificate and a receipt to you at the address listed above.
This is a 5 (five) year investment that will receive 5% interest for the first two years, then 5% interest plus additional interest based on profits for years 3, 4 and 5.  Total annual return not to exceed 18%.  Your first interest payment will be mailed to you 12 months after your original investment is established.  The remaining 4 interest payments will be mailed to you each year for the following 4 years.  At the end of the 5 year investment, your original investment amount will be returned in full.  Your investment is secured with the equity in The Rogers Theater Building.
Thank you for becoming a lucrative partner in this amazing project.
Sincerely,                                              Please return this form and your check to:
                                                              The Rogers Theater
                                                              213 East Marion Street
Gary  Kulas                                          Shelby,  North Carolina,  28150
The Rogers Theater                              
704-964-4791                  email:      web:
I have also enclosed a tax deductible contribution in the amount of $______________
made out to: Status  Ante  Quo
The Rogers Theater is also offering the opportunity for the people of Shelby to be a permanent part of the Theater.  We are creating a "Walk of Fame" to cover the Main Lobby Floor.  32" STARS with your family name or message are available for $1,250.00.  In addition to the stars, there will be Granite and Marble tiles which will be engraved with your name, message, or both.  a 12" X 12" tile is $150. 
 We are pleased to announce the offering of
 naming rights
 to the
 Performing Arts Center
 located within
 The  Rogers  Theater  Bldg.
The upright (“mast”) theater sign that once stood proudly above The Rogers Theater marquee will soon be recreated and we are offering “naming rights” to the Performing Arts Center.
Your family name or business name can be seen and spoken by an estimated 80,000 annual patrons to the Performing Arts Center and The Balcony Restaurant.  The mast sign will also be seen by countless numbers of residents, visitors and tourists as they drive by on
Marion Street.
In addition to having your name displayed on the mast sign, your name will also appear on all advertising for the Performing Arts Center.  Your name will also appear on all printed material related to the Performing Arts Center such as theater playbills, tickets, invitations, souvenirs, etc.
The terms for the naming rights are tentatively set at $200,000.00 for 15 years.  We are willing to negotiate the duration of the contract.  The cost of the contract will be adjusted according to duration of the contract.  A portion of the cost of the contract may be tax deductible as a donation to Status Ante Quo, a 501 (c) (3).  Status Ante Quo reserves the right to refuse proposed names that may seem to be offensive or inappropriate.    
The Theater is currently closed and the restoration process has begun.  The process is being performed by the well-seasoned and talented North Carolina restoration company of  
Creative Development Associates,  llc . 
We are carefully removing only what needs to be removed.  The entire building has been intensely inspected for insects of any type and there is absolutely no sign of any infestation of any kind.  Any damage done by insects in the past was very limited and isolated to a small area.  All of the damage has been removed and replaced.  The original 1936 heating and cooling systems have been removed to make way for all new energy efficient systems.  Solar electric and solar hot water are also planned to be installed.
The inclined floor in the balcony area has been removed to create a level surface for the Restaurants' dining room.
Any architectural changes are being carefully and respectfully performed to allow any future owner to return the building to its original design and purpose.
Please revisit our website as we continue to update our information as the restoration of this amazing landmark continues.
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