the ROGERS THEATER - Performing Arts Center and Grand Ballroom
The Rogers Theater is currently under aggressive and intensive restoration, but tours can be scheduled for serious Investors and Contributors.  Investments will receive a minimum of 5% and contributions are tax deductible.
See the details on our INVESTING page.   You can also see some exciting information about "NAMING RIGHTS" to The Performing Arts Center near the bottom of our 'Investing' page.
 The restoration of the amazing and historic ROGERS THEATER is destined to be one of the greatest things to happen to Uptown Shelby since that landmark day in 1936 when the doors to The Rogers Theater were first opened.  The Rogers Theater will once again welcome 'line up around the block' crowds to experience the finest first quality national and LOCAL talent that there is to offer.
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All of us at The Rogers Theater are unbelievably excited about our recent collaboration with The Greater Shelby Community Theatre  The Greater Shelby Community Theatre has been creating and performing 1st quality theatre for 35 years.  Please visit their website and see their schedule for this season.  They are currently performing at the Cleveland Community College.  The GSCT has joined forces with The Rogers Theater, and very soon they will be calling The Rogers Theater their new home.  Be sure to visit The Greater Shelby Community Theatre's website at:  and attend their performances.  You'll glad you did.
The Rogers Theater Restoration is well underway as you can see by the photos below
Restoration to re-create the 1936 facade of The Rogers Theater has begun.
Keep your eyes peeled.
Contributors are still needed, and contributions are tax deductible and rewarded with impressive incentives.  You can contribute at:
Investment and partnerships are available and full business plans and pro-formas are available to qualified financial inquirers.
Please see the details on our INVESTING and PARTICIPATING page.
The easiest way to contribute to the restoration of the amazing Rogers Theater is to visit our non-profit's website at:   and click on the  "donate"   button 
You can also send your contribution to:
      The Rogers Theater                    
       213 East Marion st.                                                 
       Shelby, NC., 28150 
All donations are tax-deductible and rewarded with exciting and valuable incentives.  Visit the Investing / Participating page for details.
The 1970's - 2010 design of corrigated aluminum, off set ticket booth and industrial doors positioned at the sidewalk.
2011 redesign bringing the configuration back as it was in 1936 with recessed entry.
We still have much more to change to complete the exterior restoration.
Many amazing things have been accomplished thus far.
All of the "removal" has been completed and the renovation is ready to begin.
We are currently moving forward with the Architectural and Engineering plans.
The restoration on the lobby is almost complete.
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